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Pricing DoctorsConnect

Business model

The business model of DoctorsConnect is that it is a paid service. We believe we deserve to be paid for the service we provide and we can only provide good service, security and protect your privacy if we are being paid accordingly.

Payment is done through doctors as this seems to be the easiest way to be paid. Of course in the end the patients pay, as they pay the doctors for their services, including the use of DoctorsConnect.


Introductory price for the use of all functionality of DoctorsConnect is PHP 999.00 per doctor per month.

Next to this we have the following offers for doctors who want to start using DoctorsConnect:

  • Use DoctorsConnect for one month for PHP 499.00 if you want to try it out.
  • Use DoctorsConnect for free for three months if you sign up for six months, so the first half year you only pay 3 * PHP 999.00 (PHP 2,797.00) instead of 6 * PHP 999.00 (PHP 5,994.00).

Free use

Use of DoctorsConnect for members/patients is free. You can sign up as a member here.

For now DoctorsConnect is also free for hospitals, medical service providers like laboratories and x-ray facilities, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies. This may change in the future.