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Uw medische gegevens, veilig beschikbaar.

Privacy, safety and security

Medical data, sensitive data

For most people their medical data and medical history is sensitive data. You would not want your medical history known to everybody and there could also be legal consequenses of your medical data being accessible by e.g. insurance companies.

Of course we at DoctorsConnect are very much aware of this and from the very start of the project the subjects privacy, safety and security have been top priority while developing the DoctorsConnect application and procedures around it. So your privacy is guaranteed and only you or your doctor decides who can access the data.

Accessibility and safety

Main advantage of DoctorsConnect for doctors is that medical history is stored in the safest place known right now: in the cloud.

Did you ever hear of or experience Google or Facebook losing your data? Also DoctorsConnect is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application, which means you can access it anywhere and anytime as long as you have access to the internet using a web browser.

Of course in the near future it will also be available as an Android and Apple app for your computer and smart phone.